Our taxi service is made up of a fleet of 15 cars, each one equipped to satisfy the customer's individual needs.

The service expanded alongside the developement of F.V.G. airport, and since 2000 it has become a higly efficent service, using modern methods to locate the nearest available taxi.

Our directors are:
President Leonardi Roberto
Vice president Giampaolo Claudio
Treasurer Cattaruzza Alessandro
Advisor Roitz Daniele
Consigliere Robert Cackovic

CONSORZIO TAXI Aeroporto F.V.G. s.r.l.
Via Aquileia, 46
34077 Ronchi dei Legionari (GO) Italy
P.I. 01025560317
E-mail pec: taxiaeroportofvg@pec.it

Telephone + Fax: +39 0481 778000
GSM: +39 338 7559600
e-mail : info@taxiaeroportofvg.it