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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1) Who will meet us at the airport ?
One of our drivers will be waiting at the exit terminal with an identification board. If necessary you will be contacted on your cell phone.

2) Can i choose a particular type of car ?
It depends on availability, however we garantee a vehicle adequate for your needs.

3) How much notice must i give to confirm
    my booking ?
At least 1 day.

4) What type of payment do you accept ?
Cash or credit card.

5) What happens if my flight is delayed ?
Up to 1 hour dalay is included in our quotation. Over 1 hour dalay a charge of 20,00 is made per hour.

6) Do you have childrens' car seats ?
Yes, for children of all ages.

7) Is it possible to have an English speaking
    driver ?
The major number of our drivers speaking English