Modified by a decree issues by the president of the fvg region on 22nd march 2002 (n.081/pres)

Examples of fares from fvg airport
Baggage and motowat tolls incuded


Trieste (Barcola/Grignano) 50.00
Trieste (centro) 60.00
Trieste (Porto San Rocco) 95.00
Udine (centro) 65.00
Udine (nord) 75.00
Gorizia 45.00
Venezia (aeroporto) 180.00 + I.V.A.
Venezia (p.le Roma/ FF.SS.) 200.00 + I.V.A.
Portorose (SLO) 130.00
Lubiana (SLO) (centro) 180.00
Lubiana (SLO) (Aeroporto) 230.00
Parenzo (HR) 200.00
Fiume (HR) 180.00


Our taxi drivers at the airport are obligated to apply the following rates:


a) Besic mileage: 1,33 each km.;
b) Minimun fare excluding charges : 2,32.;
c) Pause time: 17,33;
d) Sunday and national holiday supp.: 2,03;
e) Night service supp.: 2,03 (from 22,00 to 06,00);
f) Baggage supp: 0,58 (for bags measuring over 50cm in at least one dimension);
g) Supp. Animals: domestic animals can be carried (in observance with safety regulations regarding the transport of animals) 0,86 the transport of dogs for the blind is free
h) All type of toll is charged to the passenger;
i) Supplement for over 4 passengers : 10% of the cost per km.;
j) Supplement to enter private areas: 2,20;
k) Supplement for out of hours service (applicable from 00.00 to 08.00);